Beautiful Norfolk pot caught Native Lobsters are available @marrfish throughout the summer months

The partnership we have with our local potter from Blakeney works second to none, he uses our salmon and cod frames (our by-product) to bait his pots which attract lobster and crab off the North Norfolk coastline, believe it or not Lobsters as actually quite fussy and will not eat Haddock bones!? Simon delivers his catch into us once a week so we can offer lovely local shellfish with the minimum of fuss to menus throughout East Anglia and London.

Simon would lay up to 10 shanks for 5 days, each shank containing a string of 25 pots, once hauled up onto his boat he personally inspects each Lobster, if they are berried (carrying eggs) they will be returned to the water of North Norfolk with a small v notch in the tail, this is made by Simon using a tool which looks like a pair of pliers, this allows the lobster to breed and mature for a further year until she sheds her shell which is a yearly event. A landed ‘notched’ lobster is an offence and carries a hefty fine with the local fisheries officer, now that’s what I call a responsible inshore system for the humble Lobster.

The size of the lobster is important. By law they have to measure 87 mm from the back of the eye socket to the back of the carapace, if it is too small it will be returned back to mature for another day.

Local lobsters will be available throughout the summer as the water temperature stimulates their movement inshore, and the only time they go short is when they do shed their shells as they become vulnerable to predators and tend to hide up. Simon throws soft shelled lobsters over the side during this process as they tend not to eat well or last very long, during this time you will find lobster prices firming due to supply and demand and can last over a period of 4-5 weeks but subject to this seasonal ritual lobsters are good for your menu.

Marrfish sustainable review – our personal view is that it is super sustainable, a responsible managed fishery with clear concise guideline for landing, non-destructive method of catching, Seasonal, Less food miles.