Wholesale Fish Prices

We don’t publish a wholesale fish pricelist – simply because markets fluctuate day to day and supply follows suit.

Bad weather can affect the price of fish more than anything else. If there is particularly bad weather, then this may inhibit our skippers sailing out in their boats due to the condition of the seas.

In such a case there will simply be less fish available on the markets causing a supply shortfall which, in turn, will push prices up.

It’s a simple case of supply and demand.

We find it easier not to publish a fish and seafood price-list which can quickly become out of date and give out incorrect information to our customers.

Call us directly on 01279 50 10 51 and we can give you up to date wholesale fish prices directly from our live pricing matrix which is updated every half hour.

Marrfish are immensely proud of our industry knowledge, our rich heritage and our contacts on the UK’s fish markets. As boat owners we have the privilege that our competitors don’t by having direct access to fish as it’s landed by any one of our boats. Our fish doesn’t go to market – it comes straight to us meaning we get an extra day’s freshness on it over anyone else in the industry – but we still have to pay for the fish so suffer the spikes in market values bad weather can dictate.

We can advise you on wholesale fish pricing, fish seasonality and any other aspect of wholesale fish and seafood supply.

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