What fish are in season right now? Why does it matter?

Our fishermen have years of knowledge regarding seasonality, a lot of this knowledge has been handed down by generations of fishermen. It makes sense we should be guided by their expertise and make the most of what our UK waters have to offer at any particular time of the year.

Seasons are apparent due to water temperature, migration of stock, natural food sources, reproduction and spawning among other things.

Some seasons we should utilise, due to the quality of the fish, being tip top, best in class during a 12 month period. Due to the abundance and availability prices may slacken and deals can be had.

Some seasons need to be avoided, in our opinion, when fish are spawning and in poor condition, providing poor yealds and a poor eating experience.

Working so close to the industry we wish to guide you through these so important seasonal periods, offering you the best opportunity of giving your diners the best possible eating experience.

Keep up to date on this page – what’s in and what’s out – in regards to wild caught species.


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The mussel season is here. Remember it’s fine to eat mussels in any month containing the letter R as a rule of thumb. Get some lovely fat mussels on your menu as now ids the time to experience their freshness.


The Plaice season began a little later this year but, yields are now where they should be. The fish are firm and fat at this time of year as they have finished spawning. They are “as fat as butter” or so the saying goes.

Enjoy these wonderfully colourful and tasty fish from now.


Brill – what a brilliant fish! The season began a couple of weeks back and our skippers are seeing these in huge numbers. Sustainable and fresh, this fish is popular in France. Don’t miss out on this fishy delight that is more then available.


Whiting have begun to move inshore and the season has fully begun. A versatile fish this can often be seen as an alternative to cod, with a lighter flavour this fish is favoured by all. If you’ve never tried it you’re missing out on a treat.


Part of the cod family Hake is a wonderful treat from nature’s larder. This fish is the sustainability poster boy – recently awarded the highest sustainability rating Hake is here to stay. This fish can wood-smoked for a complimentary addition to your pallet. We personally love Hake.

We have several netsmen land into our sister company in North Shields and can provide you, the chef, with something really special at this time of year.


The alternative to the Squid – Cuttlefish are in season whilst their cousins are out. Cuttlefish are very similar to squid offering the same versatility in the kitchen as tey can be BBQ’d, pan fried or part of a seafood paella.


Plentiful and popular the ling season is in full swing. What can we say? Caught in abundance and as fresh as a daisy. Ling are popular in Europe, more so than here, and are a deep water fish. They hunt other fish and are strong swimmers – catch one and you’ll know what we mean! They have a long body similar to that of an eel. The meat is firm and cooks many ways.

Recommended Fish to Avoid

Dover Sole

Dovers are seeing a large price increase currently. It’s not all bad news though as there are some great alternatives. Try Plaice, Tobay Sole or Megrim as an alternative.


As Crab thrive in warmer water, as the weather gets colder the humble crab will hide away ion the mud on the seabed. This will be the case until spring when the temperatures return. It’s ok though, there’s an ocean full of other delights to keep you satisfied until the crab return.


Due to the supply and demand scenario, we are experiencing some very stiff prices from salmon farmers, which we’re afraid are hard to control.

We suggest using other species such as the ever popular Hampshire Chalk Stream Trout and farmed sea-reared Trout, farmed in Oban, Scotland.


Sadly Pollack is out of season. We’re seeing very low numbers in the nets and as a result the price is very high.


Out of season, plain and simple. Samphire is becoming woody and is best avoided right now. There is an alternative; Israeli Samphire. Just as good as our UK variant and available when ours is not. 

If you want to know more about seasonality, or anything else about our fish, then get in touch – we’re more than happy to advise you and we can recommend alternatives to fish out of season.


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