What fish are in season right now? Why does it matter?

Our fishermen have years of knowledge regarding seasonality, a lot of this knowledge has been handed down by generations of fishermen. It makes sense we should be guided by their expertise and make the most of what our UK waters have to offer at any particular time of the year.

Seasons are apparent due to water temperature, migration of stock, natural food sources, reproduction and spawning among other things.

Some seasons we should utilise, due to the quality of the fish, being tip top, best in class during a 12 month period. Due to the abundance and availability prices may slacken and deals can be had.

Some seasons need to be avoided, in our opinion, when fish are spawning and in poor condition, providing poor yealds and a poor eating experience.

Working so close to the industry we wish to guide you through these so important seasonal periods, offering you the best opportunity of giving your diners the best possible eating experience.

Keep up to date on this page – what’s in and what’s out – in regards to wild caught species.


What's In?


Hake season is upon us with large volumes being caught in Scotland by our pair sein netters. Short trips, short hauls, bis shoals are the key to providing you with the best Hake money can buy.

A large percentage of the catch is exported, so let’s ultilise this natural resource.

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Wild Salmon & Sea Trout

There are not many netsmen left in the UK. The licenses held by the netsmen allow the to place static nets off shore to gill net the migrating as the come back to the rivers they were born in to reproduce. 

The season is well managed and every fish must have a tag which identifies the full traceability of the product.

We have several netsmen land into our sister company in North Shields and can provide you, the chef, with something really special at this time of year.


The line caught Mackerel season is here – hooray! Beautiful wild ocean Mackerel, full of oil and flavour, can be bought less than 48 hours old. Caught on hand lines in Peterhead bay, a low impact sustainable fish, we should be proud to serve such a great product.

Lobster & Dressed Crab

Our fishermen on the North Norfolk coast benefit from our offal that we produce, as they use it to bait their pots and catch lobsters and crabs.

Since the weather has improved and the lobsters and crabs have started wandering about on our sea beds once again, they are caught more easily and landed direct to us twice a week.

Take advantage of the bounty, low impact, sustainable local produce.


French Samphire is a great accompaniment to any fish dish – now available.

We like our with a touch of vinegar and black pepper!

Plaice & Lemons

Plaice are now fat and readily available and Lemons are now more abundant with prices favourable do it can be utilised on your menu at a realistic price.

Make the most of the two most popular wild flat fish. Please consider using the following flat fish species on your special boards: Witch Sole and Megrim which are underutilised in the UK.

What's Out?

Farmed Salmon

Due to the supply and demand scenario, we are experiencing some very stiff prices from salmon farmers, which we’re afraid are hard to control.

We suggest using other species such as the ever popular Hampshire Chalk Stream Trout and farmed sea-reared Trout, farmed in Oban, Scotland.


Brill is difficult this month and next. High prices and low volumes, we suggest Turbot and Halibut as an alternative.

Dover Sole

Dover Sole is in good condition, no doubt, but demand is strong from Europe and prices will be high as a result. A warning to the price conscious chef.

Live Large Cock Crabs

Due to high demand from China, high prices are here to stay, so we suggest utilising Spider Crab, Devon hand picked crab meat or our frozen crab claws.


Mussels are out of season right now. The old rule of thumb is to only eat mussels during months that contain the letter “R”. Mussels are spawning right now and due to this their meat content is poor. Wait for these delicious treats to be at their best.

If you want to know more about seasonality, or anything else about our fish, then get in touch – we’re more than happy to advise you and we can recommend alternatives to fish out of season.


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