What fish are in season right now? Why does it matter?

Our fishermen have years of knowledge regarding seasonality, a lot of this knowledge has been handed down by generations of fishermen. It makes sense we should be guided by their expertise and make the most of what our UK waters have to offer at any particular time of the year.

Seasons are apparent due to water temperature, migration of stock, natural food sources, reproduction and spawning among other things.

Some seasons we should utilise, due to the quality of the fish, being tip top, best in class during a 12 month period. Due to the abundance and availability prices may slacken and deals can be had.

Some seasons need to be avoided, in our opinion, when fish are spawning and in poor condition, providing poor yealds and a poor eating experience.

Working so close to the industry we wish to guide you through these so important seasonal periods, offering you the best opportunity of giving your diners the best possible eating experience.

Keep up to date on this page – what’s in and what’s out – in regards to wild caught species.



Scottish Mussels

The mussel season is here. Remember it’s fine to eat mussels in any month containing the letter R as a rule of thumb. Get some lovely fat mussels on your menu as now ids the time to experience their freshness.

Chalk Stream Trout

 A marvelous alternative to salmon this fish is reared in chalk stream waters and is a truly sustainable product. Available now.


Wholesale Haddock

Haddock is plentiful right now and we’re offering smoked and unsmoked. We use our own smokehouse to ensure we get the balance just right.

Farmed Sea Bass

You’re in for a treat with this one – available from 10-02-2020 this is the answer to the sea bass ban. This bass is farmed 2 miles off shore of the Canary Islands and swims against a strong current meaning it’s meaty and fat! Amazing fish – order now.


An unsung hero of sustainability this is a British fish on a mission! Coley is a great fish for main courses and needs more love. It’s using species like coley that’ll save others from over fishing. This is an extremely versatile fish and one of our main catches.

Torbay Sole

Wholesale Witch Sole

Not as popular as it should be, this is a cracking flatfish perfect right now – stick it on your menu!

Plaice Whole

Plaice are thin due to breeding season, yield are low and the quality of the meat is poor.
We recommend you them alone, as they’ll fatten up in April/May.

Lemon  Sole
wholesale lemon sole
Not at their best – try other species for the time being.

If you want to know more about seasonality, or anything else about our fish, then get in touch – we’re more than happy to advise you and we can recommend alternatives to fish out of season.

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