The company is committed to conducting its business in an ethical, responsible, sustainable manner, with due regard to all applicable laws and regulations and with regard to all of our stakeholders (suppliers, customers, employees, and society).

Fishery resources

As a supplier of prime seafood, we recognise our own responsibility to promote and support the proper sustainable management of the fishery resources on which our business relies. The AMI Group is a direct participant in these fisheries, and we together with our sister companies support the ethical and responsible management of those resources, in full compliance with national and international regulations.

As a business we will not trade in seafood that does not meet our requirements for sustainability and responsible and compliant fishing.

Relations with employees

Marrfish Ltd is part of a family run group of companies, and our strongest asset is our people. As such it is important to us to keep our team well trained, motivated and satisfied to work for our company.

To do this we have put various initiatives in place:

Appraisal Process:

To encourage two way communications in our business we have started our appraisal process which encourages debate about an individual’s growth within the company.

Health and Safety and Food Hygiene:

We place great emphasis on health & safety and food hygiene. We are compliant with all necessary regulations, and our employees are trained to ensure that we have a safe working environment and that the high quality of our products is maintained.

Fish Academy:

We support the employment of young local people, and have established a ‘fish academy’ where we recruit and train local people to be trained in all aspects of fish husbandry and preparation.

Remuneration/Terms and conditions:

The company is committed to pay a fair rate for the work that our employees carry out. We will also ensure that our terms and conditions of employment are fair and reasonable.

Informal Friendly Approachable Atmosphere:

We have an open door policy where employees are encouraged to raise any issues that may be affecting them and their ability to perform their duties.

Low Staff Turnover:

Our low staff turnover is a testament to the fact employees like working for the company and enjoy the culture we create.

Impact of business operations on society/environment:

The company is committed to ensuring that the impact of the business on its immediate neighbours, society generally, and the environment within which the business operates is minimised wherever possible and that environmental responsibilities are given due consideration.

Energy Usage:

All electricity meters have been upgraded to SMART meters so that we have instant access to the energy usage across the site. As a company we will continually monitor our usage and equipment to make sure we maximise on efficiency across the site. As the site is a new build all equipment is currently less than three years old.

Waste Management:

The site will always operate a waste management contract with a specialized waste management firm. We will then use their resources so as reduce our impact on the environment but seeking out the most environmentally friendly forms of processing our waste.

At present we recycle all polystyrene that the site uses, and the industrial site that we operate on has a shared facility for recycling cardboard. At present the only other form of recycling we could carry out would be for plastics but the site is not large enough at present to make this a viable option

Water Usage:

We work with our local water authority in order to lessen the impact our business has on the water table around our area. We use a klargeister unit on site that takes our waste water from processing points and uses a bio-chemical process to clean the water before it is released into a nearby river system.


At all opportunities we will endeavour to reduce our impact on the environment by using packaging that can be recycled at present we use a wax cardboard to deliver our fish.

Fish delivered from our own vessels into site at Stansted are done so in plastic kit boxes which are subsequently decanted, washed and returned back to Peterhead for re-use by the vessels

Fish delivered from external suppliers in general arrives in polystyrene. To reduce our impact here we have invested in a polystyrene compactor which enables us to create blocks of crushed polystyrene which are then sent away for recycling.


We will always investigate the most fuel efficient options with regards to the fleet of vehicles we operate. We currently run a lease hire fleet of Mercedes sprinters which are maintained under a service agreement also with Mercedes. These vehicles are on a 4 year agreement at which point they will be updated with a new replacement vehicle.

We maintain in house operation and cleaning schedules for all the vehicles and miles per gallon are calculated monthly and discussed with drivers so as to maximise activity. We also regularly rotate the vehicle’s from round to round so as to keep the average mileage of the fleet at its minimum