Marrfish – wholesale fish & seafood suppliers to London, the South East & East Midlands

We’re a supplier of fresh fish and seafood to hotels, restaurants and pubs in London, the South East & East Midlands. We are proud of the quality and condition of our fish and we would love to see it on your menu. Our fishing boats land in Peterhead Scotland, which is home to the very best quality and sustainable fish in the UK. The cold North Sea waters offer a rich and diverse mix of species, all of which we catch sustainably and responsibly.

Marrfish is unlike any other wholesale fish and seafood supplier as we own our own fleet of fishing vessels, and therefore have unrivaled access to the best fish from our boats. Our fish is handpicked daily – we only select the very best of each species – this ensures the fish that is placed on your menu is the highest quality and freshest in the UK.

Marrfish have been brilliant since I introduced them as a supplier. They have competitive pricing, excellent customer service and most importantly deliver great quality fish

-D and D, London

Marrfish is my go to fish supplier. Always fresh, beautifully packaged and delivers early. They have great daily specials as well. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

-Island Grill, London

It has always been a pleasure to work with Marrfish over the years. Their products are always fresh, consistent and great quality. The pricing is competitive but more importantly they go the extra mile for us in terms of customer service. Long may it continue and I would certainly recommend them.

-Café Murano, London

We have been working with Marrfish for many years now and we cannot fault this company. Their attention to detail, top class produce and reliability sets them apart from other fish merchants. They always go the extra mile for their customers. The fact that Marrfish vessels adheres to MSC guidelines is also very important to us.
On top of that they are lovely people to work with!

-Maison Bleue, Bury St Edmunds

I still remember the first fish that Marrfish sent me. A whole large cod. I could not believe that they could get me fish that fresh. It looked as though it should still be flapping about in its crate. 8 years on I am still using them and that quality had never dropped. On top of this they are great people to deal with and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

-1921 Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds

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Why Choose Marrfish?

We’re quota and boat owners. We lead with the best British fish caught by our vessels
Fast next day delivery – we supply London, the Home Counties and East Midlands with speedy early morning deliveries
Fish experts – our knowledge is second to none. We take a consultative approach in regards to selling our fish
Quality – the fish we catch is the best in the UK. Each delivery is quality checked twice before it arrives in your kitchen
The Marrfish experience. We catch it, we prepare it, we deliver it


ALL of our boats and skippers are committed to sustainability - we want there to be fish for everyone for years to come! We carefully monitor our quotas and work hard to maintain fish stocks and to discourage over fishing. If we work smarter there will be fish for our children and our children's children. We're a wholesale fish supplier with a difference - we care about the ocean!

All of our boats are involved in the Fishing For Litter Scheme. We carefully collect litter from the ocean and return it to land for recycling or proper disposal. This ensures we're doing as much as possible to rid the ocean of plastics which threaten every aspect of marine life. What other wholesale seafood supplier can say that?

Discover Our Daily Specials

John Dory
£3.40 each
Wild Bass
£20.50 per kg
Sea Reared Trout
£9.15 per kg
£16.80 per kg
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The weather affects everything we do. It affects the duration of our fishing trips. It can also heavily impact the price of fish. During bad weather fishing boats don't go out to sea - this determines the amount of fish available at the markets each day. A shortfall in supply could push up the price. Explore the weather in our fishing town of Peterhead, Scotland.

PETERHEAD Marrfish Fishing

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Where do we deliver?

We deliver our fresh British fish 6 days a week into the following areas:-

Bedfordshire Berkshire Buckinghamshire Cambridgeshire Essex Hertfordshire Leicestershire Lincolnshire London Northamptonshire Nottinghamshire Oxfordshire Suffolk Surrey.

We supply fish in London to many top hotels, restaurants and pubs. We cover many more areas and we're expanding all the time. It's our passion and drive to be able to offer our fresh wholesale fish to customers not only in London and the Home Counties, but further afield and eventually the entire UK.

Our wholesale fish is enjoyed by many top establishments including hotels, government bodies, restaurants and pubs in London and across the UK. Our chefs in London love the quality of our fish and we inspect every portion, every fillet and every fish twice before it arrives in your kitchen.

We now deliver our fresh wholesale fish to customers in East Midlands, and we're so happy more people get to experience and enjoy our seafood.

Wholesale Fish & Seafood Delivery

Why wholesale Seafood?

Our fresh fish and seafood has many health benefits. Seafood is a good alternative to meat and poultry, containing many beneficial minerals and vitamins.

We’re not just a wholesale fish & seafood supplier, we’re fish experts and boat owners and we have compiled some of the health benefits of our wonderful fresh seafood…

Let’s explore the reasons more people should eat seafood…


Seafood is good for your heart; fact! Populations in the world who exclusively eat fish, such as those who live in the Arctic, have low incidents of heart disease. Our wholesale seafood is rich in Omega-3 which is good at reducing heart disease and also lowers cholesterol. Just one extra portion of fish per week can half your risk of heart disease.


Seafood improves circulation in your body and reduces the risk or developing thrombosis. Again the Omega-3 oils in seafood reduces the amount of eicosanoid hormones in your body lowering your risk forming blood clots.


Our seafood is rich in Omega-3 and studies have shown a direct link between Omega-3 and the reduction of arthritis.


Oil rich seafood helps to keep your eyes healthy. Age related degeneration has been shown to be slowed by consuming seafood. Fish containing retinol, a type of Vitamin A, helps keep your eyes healthy and can even improve vision in low light.

Nutrients & Vitamins

Our seafood and fish contain many different nutrients and vitamins vital to your everyday well-being. Seafood contains iodine, selenium, zinc and potassium. These nutrients help protect from cancer and promote a healthy thyroid gland. Seafood also contains Vitamins A and D.

Depression & Wellbeing

Seafood can help give you more Omega-3 oils. Low levels of Omega-3 in your body have been linked to higher rates of depression. Eat seafood or fish a few times per week to keep your intake of Omega-3 high.


Studies have shown that seafood can improve asthma in those who suffer. It can help keep your lungs strong and eating seafood has been shown to even prevent asthma.


Seafood protects against UV damage from the sun’s rays. Eating fish can also help with various skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema. Seafood contains high levels of protein which in turn helps you produce collagen, keeping your skin firm and youthful.

Digestive System

Studies completed have researched the benefits of seafood in those who suffer with IBS or Crohn’s disease. There is evidence that shows seafood slows down progression of bowel conditions.


Your brain is roughly 60% fat, of which much of it being Omega-3. It makes sense that those who eat more seafood experience a lower incidence of brain related conditions such as dementia or memory problems. Research has been conducted into child behaviour and consuming seafood, with the findings revealing seafood eaters have higher levels of concentration and other cognitive skills.

With the benefits shown above, it’s no wonder fish and seafood are loved and consumed by billions the world over every day. Our wholesale seafood and fish is the very best quality in the UK, fully traceable and sustainable.

What Does a Fish and Seafood Wholesaler Do?

A wholesale distributor in its simplest form will either produce or resell a product, in bulk amounts to businesses or to the public. Buying wholesale means a company, such as a restaurant, will be able to pay a low price for bulk purchasing meat, fish or vegetables. This allows them to source quality produce at a lower cost and are then able to make more profit on the food they sell.

A wholesale fish distributor will source fish and seafood from a fish market and sell it on to their customers.

Marrfish’s wholesale fish and seafood supply chain is different from all our competitors, and this is because we own the boats the fish is caught from. This makes our offering extremely unique. We are able to inspect and choose the very best fish from each catch, leaving the rest to be sold at the market to other wholesalers. We lead with the best fish from each and every catch.

Our supply chain means we are also able to get our fish processed, inspected and packed for delivery 1 day ahead of everyone else.

Our wholesale fish and seafood is enjoyed by thousands of diners in London and the South East every single day of the week.

Marrfish Boat - Budding Rose
A Marr Int Guiding Light Peterhead