Our staff are our biggest asset. Everyone at Marrfish has a passion for the seafood we catch.

From our sales staff to our blockmen, each member of our team has an important part to play in your fish delivery.

Our sales staff take your orders and are on the front line of what we do, speaking directly to chefs and advising them on seasonality, sustainability and flavours.

Our blockmen fillet and cut our fish with expertise and consistency to your exacting standards, working tirelessly overnight to ensure your fish is ready for your morning delivery.

Our picker packers hand select your fish and pack your order with care, hoping to get a wow as you open your box.

Our drivers develop relationships with our customers so as to best schedule their routes each day, ensuring deliveries arrive as early as possible.

Our back office support team ensure you’re invoiced on time and will take care of any additional administration supporting the sales team.

Our management team are proud of the fish we catch and have an infectious passion which is instilled to all our staff.

Read about our team members below…

Andrew Jackson
Managing Director

My partnership with the Marr Family, a five-generation fishing family, has given me great insight into our fishing heritage and the fishing industry in general. More importantly it has provided us a platform and opportunity to trade the best quality British fish from their many vessels, fishing predominantly from Peterhead Scotland.

We have an integrated supply from Quota right the way through to the supply of quality British fish to chef’s kitchens. We catch it, we prepare it, we sell and deliver it!

“This model was the reason I had to get involved, make it happen, connecting skippers and their hard earned catch to chefs in East Anglia and London, an opportunity! It enables transparency and consistency 52 weeks of the year.”

Coupling this opportunity with being in the fish business since 1994 we have built Marrfish on Integrity, Honest pricing, good service morals and ultimately giving our fishermen and their quality fish exposure and justice.

Working with Skippers and Chefs has always been an ideal scenario for me, both Skippers wanting to know more about where their product ends up and how it is presented, and chefs wanting to know what’s in season? What landings are good today for the special board and having a general interest in the mysterious industry we operate in.

We receive great pleasure working in between such passionate professionals at very different ends of the spectrum. Simplicity will always be key in everything we do.

Ben English Marrfish

Ben English
Operations Director

From an early age I have always had a keen interest in the fishing industry, graduating from Plymouth University in 1999 with a honours degree in Fisheries Studies I was keen to make the most of this and forge out a career in the industry.

Having supplied the catering trade for the last 20 years I feel I have built up a wealth of experience and knowledge. However, I had always wanted to do something for myself but it had to be done properly.

When the Marr family offered me the opportunity to have direct access to the 50+ vessels they have landing in to Peterhead daily the plan all seemed too good to be true. I just love the fact that I am able to go out and sell a story where by the last person to touch the fish before me is the skipper – a truly unique situation to be in.

I suppose you could say that chefs love my passion for fish as well as my desire to understand their business!!

Marrfish Our Staff

Glen Thompson
Grimbsy Processing Factory Manager

I began my career in the seafood industry 30 years ago. Working as a salesman and fish packer, I quite quickly climbed the ladder and became sales manager at the age of about 24. Eventually I went on to start my own business in 2003. 

My reputation for quality and honesty paved the way for me joining Marrfish. At the end of 2016, when I closed my business, I joined Andy, Ben and the crew as Grimsby Factory Manager. The new facility was opened in early August 2017. 

We have a crew of around 10 here in Grimsby, and we process most of the whitefish for Bishop’s Stortford along with supplying to wholesale customers from as far afield as Scotland to Cornwall.

Collectively we have well over 200 years’ experience of the industry here in Grimsby and have a very reliable and hardworking team, proud to be part of the Marrfish experience and supplying incredible UK caught fish and seafood to our customers.

Jason Sullivan Marrfish

Jason Sullivan

Operations Bishop’s Stortford

I started at Marrfish in 2013 as a driver in the Cambridge area. I now work in partnership with Ben English, Operations Director, running the operation on a day-to-day basis.

I deal with sales into prestigious establishments in London, supporting customer requirements and championing customer service throughout the branch.

Join us on our journey as the fishmonger of choice throughout London and Home Counties.

Paul Denton Marrfish

Paul Denton

Cambridge Sales Manager

I joined the company in 2013 with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Prior to entering the industry, I achieved a diploma in Hotel and Catering. From here I went on to work my way up to Executive Head Chef in various 4 Star Hotels in London and the South, gaining further qualifications with a City of Guilds 706/3.

In 1993 I felt I wanted to take a career change and challenge myself from the supplier’s perspective. Joining one of the UK’s largest seafood wholesalers as a Sales Executive I went on to climb the ranks of management until I was running both sites in London and The West.

So why join Marrfish?? Simple really – “Marrfish has got its foot on the gas, and the emphasis on quality is core to its success. Also with its hands on approach and face to face communications and with its customer base its sure to be the next big thing in the fish industry!!

Scott Johnson Marrfish

Scott Johnson

Social Media & Marketing Manager

I’m a web and SEO expert from a financial background now working with Marrfish to utilise their unique heritage and standpoint in the market to create awareness and promote all the fish we catch in the UK.

This is an industry like no other with a plethora of information and history, of which I’m excited to be telling you more about in the near future.

Jason Sullivan Marrfish

Jamie Hotson

Transport manager

Paul Denton Marrfish

Mike Brewer

East Anglian Sales Manager

I started working with the food sector when I was 18, I always knew that I had a passion for food and wanted to work with chefs around East Anglia. I started work within the Butchery sector.

I quickly got interested in the products and working with the chefs regarding where the product was from, and the flavour that it brought to the chefs table.

I worked in the Meat industry for 20 years and then decided to leave and follow another challenge, fortunately that challenge came in the shape of Marrfish.

I have really enjoyed my journey so far, and you can’t beat the quality of the fish that we do, working with the local chefs to bring their dishes to life and to tell the story of Marrfish to their customers.


Scott Johnson Marrfish

Robert Galvani

London Sales Manager

I’ve been in the Fish and Seafood industry for 18 years, all spent with one of the UK largest seafood wholesalers.

I started as a night admin assistant and quickly worked my way through numerous roles including Freshroom Operative, Freezer Operative, Driver, Buyer, Telesales, Account Manager, National Account Manager and Branch Manager.

I always wanted to better understand all roles within the process and I eventually achieved branch manager of 2 Branches in Suffolk and London, setting record sales and margin figures.
I handled many prestigious accounts as a National Account Manager with a £6m portfolio.

I joined Marrfish in March 2020, having worked for Ben and Andrew in previous roles and always wanted to work for them again.