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Trio Fish & Chips

Fish and Chips. A classic British dish, perhaps the king of classics, much loved by young and old UK wide – it’s part of our national identity. Battered cod or haddock with chunky chips and mushy peas. What could be better on a Friday after a long week at work? Cod and haddock are favoured […]

We Want More Fish!

We’ve all been there… the sheen of your weekly home prepared meals has worn off and you’re bored with your repertoire. You buy something different at the supermarket, perhaps a different type of fish, as you want to try and cook something new and spice up your evening meals. But what do you buy? Is […]

Expensive Fish?

The four most popular fish – Cod, Haddock, Salmon and Tuna. As a nation we eat them everyday in some form or other. Friday’s are very popular on social media for “fish and chip Fridays” so there’s that, but also we enjoy those fish at home; Salmon being the go-to fish for most people. Why? […]

Make the Most of Christmas

We often get asked by Chefs, “what should I put on my Christmas menu”? “How much will a turbot supreme cost me?” “Can you set a price?” Sometimes 6 months prior to the Christmas period itself, during the summer months. Pricing is difficult; however, patterns emerge year after year and we have tried to give […]

The Price of Fish

We all prefer fixed prices for our goods and services, so why does the price of fish change so much? The value of any item is determined by many factors, not just the cost to produce the item, but also demand. If an item is in short supply, but high in demand, prices will rise. […]

Your Plaice or Mine?

Plaice, the stalwart of the fish and chip shop. The humble flat fish consistently present in our lives. The plaice season started a couple of months ago, although this year the actual season started a little late due to the winter water temperatures, the season is now in full swing and plaice are plentiful and […]

What is Pulse Fishing

Fishing boats have many different methods of catching fish. Developed from traditional techniques, the methods of fishing have remained relatively unchanged for centuries. Technology has brought with it enhancements into the fishing industry, from electronic detection of fish, to the ability to monitor nets and controlled net deployment there’s been an explosion of tech designed […]

Wild Sea Trout Season

Wild sea trout is now being offered to Marrfish on a daily basis, from Northumberland in particular. The run of sea trout is well under way. We are receiving the sea trout in its freshest form from Drift Netters who land on the East Coast of Northumberland. There is a season for netters who are […]

Pot Caught Norfolk Lobsters

Beautiful Norfolk pot caught Native Lobsters are available @marrfish throughout the summer months The partnership we have with our local potter from Blakeney works second to none, he uses our salmon and cod frames (our by-product) to bait his pots which attract lobster and crab off the North Norfolk coastline, believe it or not Lobsters […]

Peterhead Mackerel Season

We are now entering exciting times at Peterhead Bay in Scotland, the water temperature is warming and attracting the local stock of seasonal coastal mackerel. It is line caught by many under 10 m vessels which berth all year in Peterhead harbour, the boats can be identified easily by the coloured cotton reels which sit […]