We often get asked by Chefs, “what should I put on my Christmas menu”?

“How much will a turbot supreme cost me?” “Can you set a price?” Sometimes 6 months prior to the Christmas period itself, during the summer months.

Pricing is difficult; however, patterns emerge year after year and we have tried to give some guidance below on what to expect.

“Wild” fish is wild and sometimes you take a chance on purchasing and what to select for that all important menu. We endeavour to keep people well informed, but it is advisable for you to speak to your sales contact in advance of your requirements, so we can get the best fish and price for you.

We understand pricing complexities in this fast-paced last-minute culture we live in.

We have created festive season guides HERE which will guide you on availability and pricing during the Christmas period.

-Marrfish Wild fish Green Guide – supply is consistent and pricing stable.

-Marrfish Wild fish Orange – supply can be limited and prices higher.

-Marrfish Wild Fish Red – supply extremely limited and prices WILL be high.

Our boats and their crews tie up at Christmas for around two weeks for a well-deserved break with family and friends.

This downtime is dictated by fish market operating and opening times across Europe, and transport companies providing their services, very frustrating for chefs who are tied to the stove throughout the festivities!

The last fish markets could be as early as 20th-21st December, re-opening 3rd-4th January as a rule of thumb. Wild Fish will be purchased up to the last market and fish will be held as best as possible during Christmas and New Year. Farmed fish are generally pre-order and received strategically up until Christmas with further deliveries scheduled between Christmas and New Year.

For new year menus we would recommend either pre-freezing your fish requirements or using pre-ordered farmed fish which we would expect to have available – see our farmed fish guides below.

Wild Fish – Green (good availability / prices stable)

-Large Scottish Cod – 32-80oz – Plentiful

-Codling Fillets – 4– 32oz

-Haddocks – 4-24oz – Plentiful

-Whiting – 5-7oz

-Large Coley Fillets – Ideal to cut into Supremes, good winter supplies, good quality fish

-Local Herrings – Lowestoft landings

-Sardines – South Coast supplies good

-Scottish Hake Whole 2-6kg fish – still good catches seen, supply can tail away near to Christmas represented in price rises but not too significant

-Plaice – plenty about whole and fillets showing signs of forming roe

-Skate Wings – underutilised on Christmas menus

-Halibuts – good supply of Norwegian Line Caught fish 3-50 kg – deals to be had on Big fish – get some tucked away in the freezer –Top Tip!

-Tuna Loin – Plentiful

-Swordfish Loin – Plentiful

-Canadian Lobster – Plentiful

-Oysters – Plentiful

-Crabs – Live

-Crab Meat – Pasteurised and un-pasteurised Hand Picked, very popular this year

-Mussels – Rope Grown, sales slowdown at Christmas but they are still available and at their best!

-Scottish Cockles – large white great garnish to a dish, a Marrfish secret ingredient

-Palourde Clams – great supply, great garnish


Farmed Fish – Green (good availability / prices stable)

-Farmed Salmon – Plenty (Factor in price rises at the mid/back of November every year – supply and demand orientated – with lots being smoked ready for Christmas!)

-Farmed Bass – 300-400gm, 400-600gm, 600-800gm, 800-1000gm – Plentiful

-Farmed Bream – 300-400gm, 400-600gm, 600-800gm – Plentiful

-Farmed Turbot – 1-2 kg, 2-3kg, 3-4kg – great value when looking at Wild Christmas Turbot prices – don’t be afraid to have a go with this resource

-Farmed Halibut – 3-5kg, 5-7kg, 7-9kg – plenty

-Farmed Dover Sole – 500-600gm

-Farmed Meagre – 2-3kg, 3-4kg

-Farmed Carp

-Farmed Arctic Char – Houghton Springs 2-3 kg fish

-Farmed Sea Reared Trout – great alternative to salmon, lovely colour

-Farmed Chalk Stream Trout

-Farmed Rainbow Trout – 10-12oz, 12-14oz, and fillets

-Fresh King Prawns Raw – 10-20, 30-40, 40-60, 60-80 counts


Wild Fish – Amber (moderate availability / get organised – prices reasonable to high)

-Pollock – Can be found in Scotland and on the South Coast

-Lemon Sole – Price rises inevitable as they go short, reliant on South Coast as Scottish Supplies dry up. Consider the ‘Humble Megrim’ as an alternative – good deals to be had up until Christmas, Scottish & South Coast supplies available. A very underutilised fish indeed

-Brill – (tip: small sizes good value 300-1kg size)

-Dover Soles – buy late November and freeze. (Can reach £28 per kg Christmas week)

-Monk Tails – buy late November and freeze. (Factor in big price increases nearer Christmas week, available, but tails can reach £18kg Christmas week

-Scallops, Dry Scottish – Factor in big price increases nearer Christmas week, can reach £27kg Christmas week (Use USA Roeless – more stable on price)

-Scallops in Shell, Hand Dived – (Available if not too windy)

-Wild Seabass – Line caught but dependant on weather, so this can be feast or famine! Great alternative is Farmed Meagre or large Farmed Bass 1-2 kg

-Wild Fish – Red (poor availability / military operation – Prices high Guaranteed)

-Red Mullet – (hit and miss) – not a good idea for a menu choice

-John Dory – (hit and miss) – not a good idea for a menu choice (can reach £17-18 per kg)

-Large Turbots – can reach £30.00 kg for 4kg + fish during Christmas weeks and generally priced for the elite – farmed is a great alternative

-Native Lobsters – (highest price bids on the continent dictate prices paid can reach £30kg)

-Live Langoustines – available 4 kg boxes live tubed day 1 for 3. (Notice recommended)

-Mackerel – (hit and miss) – Netted and line caught fish mixed size and qualities can reach high prices if limited availability – (reliant on South coast fishery only)

-Razor Clams – (hit and miss) weather dependent, not as readily available as they used to be due to the banning of electro- fishing

-Wild Black Bream – A summer fish! Make the most of this great specie in the hotter summer months


Other Stable Christmas Fish & Seafood

Smoked & Cured

-Smoked fish is readily available with the favourites being Salmon, Mackerel, Trout, Eel and Haddock

-Cured Salmon Gravlax or Beetroot cured Gravlax. With more specialist gin and tonic or Whisky cures available

-Prices remain stable and can be organised in advance for you to cost dishes correctly.

Deli Items

Crayfish Tails in Brine, Peeled Prawn In Brine, King Prawns In Brine, Anchovies, All luxurious Caviars, Avruga caviar, Salmon Keta, Seafood salad in Oil, Bisques, Squid ink, Imported Samphire Grass, Tobiko, Tuna Pouches, Lumpfish Roes, Sardines in Basil, Brown Shrimps peeled, Rollmops and various Seaweeds.

Frozen favourites

Peeled Prawns, lemon Sole Fillets, Lobster Meat, Crevettes, King Prawns – Head on Shell on, Peeled King Prawns, Squid tubes, Smoked Trout, Smoked Halibut, John Dory Fillets, Black Cod, Patagonian Toothfish, Hamachi, kippers, Smoked Shell on Prawns and Langoustines, whole and peeled.