We are now entering exciting times at Peterhead Bay in Scotland, the water temperature is warming and attracting the local stock of seasonal coastal mackerel. It is line caught by many under 10 m vessels which berth all year in Peterhead harbour, the boats can be identified easily by the coloured cotton reels which sit on the boats which hold the many yards of line which lure the mackerel.

As pictured the ‘Be Ready’ would steam out early hours of the morning into Peterhead bay and drop its numerous lines, feathers attached which attract the resident mackerel, the line is jigged through various depths depending on where the shoals are sitting in the water column, hooked, then brought aboard and automatically stripped from the line by a stripper into awaiting kit boxes ready for market.


The boats would land into Peterhead market by day break and the fish actioned to local buyers and sent as far away as the continent for sale in supermarkets and to fishmongers up and down the British Isles

The availability is reliant on good weather and equally good prices, all boats have a quota to adhere to which is precious to all involved for this particular species which visits us during the summer months only and simply move on around the end of August.

Fish will now be available from these delightful boats until the end of August a must for a seasonal orientated menu and a lovely summer dish.