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Description: Cuttlefish are part of a group of animals called Cephalopods which means “head foot”. All the varying species in this family all have tentacles attached to their head. Very similar to Squid, Cuttlefish have eight arms and have a more prominent “face” than the Squid. They have a bee-shaped body in varying shades of sepia or grey. Cuttlefish also have a set of fins that run the length of their body whereas Squid do not. Cuttlefish can change their colour depending on the surrounding environment to conceal themselves.

Where does it live: Cuttlefish are found in the Mediterranean, Baltic Sea and The North Sea. Found at depths of up to 200 meters.

When is it in season: Spring to Autumn.

What does it eat: Cuttlefish aren’t fussy and eat each other, molluscs, prawns and worms.

Size: Up to 25cm.

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