Yellowtail Kingfish / Hamachi

Dutch Yellowtail Kingfish

Dutch Yellowtail Kingfish, or Hamachi, is a top quality Sashimi grade fish which is truly sustainable. It is perfect for smoking or grilling and is a recommended “Green Choice” fish by the Good Fish Foundation. We now supply Dutch Yellowtail Kingfish daily coming directly from the Netherlands.

Yellowtail Kingfish has a firm flesh and a delicate yet sweet flavour and is the perfect fish for the sustainably minded and those who prefer lighter tasting fish. It’s a beautiful looking fish with a dark top and a striking yellow line dividing its body.

Dutch Yellowtail is a truly “green” fish due to the way in which it is farmed and cared for…

•Organically Fed: sourced sustainable fishmeal from trimmings and certified fisheries, and the use of organic feed certified by French FR-BIO 10 standard.

• No Antibiotics, No Vaccines: keeping the water pristine has its benefits: happy healthy fish in optimal condition that can do without antibiotics or vaccines.

• Green Energy: The operation runs on 100% renewable energy, sourced from wind, solar and bio-gas.

​​• Heat Exchanges: To minimize energy use for heating, warm outflow water transfers heat to incoming water via a state of the art heat-exchange system custom designed for marine water use.

 • Aquaponics: Outflow water is rich in nutrients before it is biologically purified in our internal water treatment systems, in order to keep discharge as low as possible.

• Fresh Water Conservation: Operating on sea water.

• Bio Security: waste water treatment with incorporated solids removal, ensures a safe discharge of outflow water. As an additional safety measure, the discharge of the hatchery and quarantine units is sterilized by powerful UV and Ozone treatment, ensuring no biological impact from the farm to its natural surroundings.

• Bio Diversity Protection: Unlike traditional cage farming, the farm is on land and the output treatment system ensures that it is technically impossible for the fish to escape and mix with the natural surroundings. It is important to note, that even if there was a possibility for the fish to escape, the natural sea temperature in Zeeland is too cold for the Dutch Yellowtail to survive.

• Animal Welfare: Dutch Yellowtail was granted permission as a production species in Holland in 2012, based on the results of a 3 year independent research with a major focus on animal welfare.


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