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Squid, also known as Calamari or Chipirones are the best loved Cephalopod. Squid has a firm texture, and a strong flavour. Also known as Calamari, Squid range in size from 10g to 1kg.

To clean and prepare Squid, pull the body from the tentacles. Cut the head from the tentacles just below the eyes and discard (though you may want to save the ink sack* if you can find it – invariably they will have ‘shot’ it on capture). Squeeze out the ‘beak’ from the centre of the tentacles. Remove the quill from inside the body (looks like a piece of transparent plastic), wash it out and then wash off the membrane on the outside. Then cut the fins from the body, which like the tentacles, can be kept and used.

Once cleaned and prepared, the body (or tube) can be good for stuffing and steaming or baking, small whole Squid can be grilled, pan-fried or griddled and large Squid can be opened out flat, scored and cut into pieces with the tentacles for stir-frying.

*Squid ink is widely used in making pasta and risotto, and gives it a rich black colour and a delicious fishy taste.

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