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Sea Bream

There are a wide range of Sea Breams out there, some do find their way up the Gulf Stream to the south coast, but the majority are fished in the Mediterranean and in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa.

Varieties include Black, Black Banded, Red, Pink, White, Yellowfin, Theadfin, Gilthead and Ray’s Bream, along with Pagre, Porgy and Dentex, but do not confuse with freshwater Breams. Sizes range from 300g to 1kg, though they tend to average at around 450g making Sea Bream a great fish for serving whole.

The larger 800g+ fish provide some good size fillets. Can be grilled, baked, steamed, poached or pan-fried. At it’s best with lighter, subtler flavours, and with any Mediterranean flavours. Sea Bream are also farmed in the Mediterranean.

Wholesale Seabream

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