Day Boat Fishing

The South Coast is home to some of the most varied and plentiful fish and shellfish around the UK.

Marrfish are keen to support the skippers and the day-boat industry in the South as this contributes to the local economy and means the many years experience the skippers have is passed onto the younger generations.

MSC rating, responsible fishing scheme, fishing for litter


Our South-Coast fish and shellfish are MSC rated as sustainable. Our skippers also adhere to the Responsible Fishing Scheme to ensure safety and welfare of the crew when out at sea.

Day-boat fishing on the South-Coast offers:

• 800 registered full-time skippers

• 600 registered vessels

• 40 species available in South-Coast waters

• £100M per year generated into the local economy

• MSC rated, sustainable fish and shellfish

Our day-boat skippers regularly supply us with fresh South-Coast fish and shellfish, sustainably caught and managed.

Explore our range of day-boat landings below…


John Dory

Dover Sole

Red Gurnard



Wholesale Turbot

Red Mullet




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