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Description: Brill is a flat fish. They start life as regular looking fish but then dramatically change during maturity. They begin to swim sideways and one of their eyes moves from one side of their head closer to the other one. One of their sides changes colour effectively becoming the new underside of the fish. Once the change is complete Brill becomes a flatfish. Brill are usually light brown in colour with dark and pale freckles on their backs. They have smooth scales and have a pinkish or cream coloured underside.

Where does it live: The Atlantic, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean and North Sea. Brill prefer much deeper waters and can live up to 100 meters below the surface.

When is it in season: Spring, Summer & Autumn.

What does it eat: As Brill live deep down they feed off the seabed. They will eat smaller creatures such as worms or even smaller fish.

Brill Flesh